Buffalo 2 – Five Points Bakery Kicks Some Serious Toast Ass!

Buffalo: Day 2

It sure didn’t feel like we’d only been in Buffalo for 12 hours what with a belly full of wings and taking in the EDM Glamour and Glow Fashion Show last night.  So now what?  Breakfast was in order and I’d done a little research so we headed off to Five Points Bakery which was on the westside.  I’d read some good things but didn’t really know what to expect.  They bill themselves as a “toast cafe”.  Very intriguing.  We drove up and saw some handwritten signs directing us to a building which led me to believe that we weren’t going to a big ol’ corporate chain.  I loved the place as soon as we walked in.  Despite the enormous building with super high ceilings, the place felt homey and warm.  You can imagine the smells, can’t you?  Freshly baked bread punctuated with cinnamon and coffee wafted through the air.

Buffalo - 5 Points Bakery Interior 2

Check out the high ceilings in this place!

I had to have the Extra Sharp Cheddar Toast which was accompanied by St. Agur Bleu cheese, hot sauce, sour cream and garlic pickle.  Put all of those tastes together and what do you get?  Buffalo Wings!!!!

Buffalo - 5 Points Bakery Aged Cheddar Toast

Hands down it was the best toast I’ve ever tasted! I’m willing to drive all the way back just to have another piece.

Short selected a bunch of different items and created her own toasty greatness.

5 Points Bakery - Nutella Toast

Peanut butter, Nutella and strawberry jam!

She also got the granola and yogurt and claimed it’s the best she’s ever had.

5 Points Bakery - Granola

I think the dollop of locally sourced maple syrup is what put it over the top.

This place is family friendly and had me wishing that we had one back in Toronto.  I’d definitely be there every weekend if we did.  Their ingredients are locally sourced.  Their vibe is super laid back which I totally dig.  The cutlery and dinnerware are vintage mismatched and they play a great selection of jazzy fun tunes.  They’ve even got an outbuilding called The Bikery for anyone that might want to bike over.  And you get a discount if you do!

Buffalo - Five Points Bakery Bikery

If you are ever in Buffalo, make sure to look this place up.  I wish they franchised.  With brunch over, Short suggested that we take a trip to Trader Joe’s.  Much to her shock, I’d never been and I knew I was going to be in trouble and buy way too many things from what she had described.  Trader Joe’s is a pretend grocery store that houses a whole lotta products that just taste damn good.  Here’s a small example of the “groceries” that I picked up.

Trader Joe's Bacon Jerky

I need to have this again. I wanted to stop eating it but I couldn’t. The whole bag was eaten during the mid season final of The Walking Dead. I felt a kinship with the zombies that evening.

Trader Joe's Siracha Potato Chips


Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Beer

TRIPLE ginger. I’m saving this one for Christmas. At least … I’m trying to.

Trader Joe's Taste Test of Caramels

A Taste Test Of Caramels. I’m also going to save this so that we can play the taste game over Christmas. I talked Short into getting one too. How could we resist?

Needless to say, I walked out with a couple of hundred dollars worth of unnecessary food items and have already downed half of them.  I am very glad we don’t have Trader Joe’s in Canada.

We drove over to Parkside which is a well-to-do part of Buffalo so that we could take a tour of the Darwin Martin House that was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright.  We opted for the one hour tour but it wasn’t starting up for another 45 minutes which meant we had some time to kill so we circled back to Parkside Candy.  I’ve seen commercials for Fowler’s sponge candy for years now through the Buffalo TV feed we get but it was closed on the weekends.  Google pulled up Parkside Candy as another option.  I’m soooooo glad it did.

Buffalo - Parkside Candies Exterior

We were equal parts excited and trepidatious walking up to the place.

Open the door, step inside and you are swept back in time.  This place has been around since 1927  and can only be described by photo.

Buffalo - Parkside Candies Interior 1

Look at that checkerboard tiling!

Buffalo - Parkside Candies Interior 2

A little table for two in the ice cream shoppe which was voted the Best of Western New York 2015! Check out the molding!

Buffalo - Parkside Candies Interior 3

Boxes of chocolates wrapped in Christmas paper all ready to go. Isn’t it gorgeous?!!!

I wish we could have stayed all afternoon but we purchased the all important sponge candy (what we call sponge toffee) and were on our way back to the tour.

I’ve been a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright for a very long time but have never had the opportunity to see any of his work up close.  When humans create things that are beyond awesome, I get emotional.  The Darwin Martin House had me a little teary.  The hour long tour allowed us on the first floor which was enough for me but I wouldn’t mind checking out the second when I visit again.  First off, let’s talk ego.  Frank wanted the visitors to have to search for the entryway because that meant they’d have more time to take in all of the features of his spectacular building.

Buffalo - Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House Full Exterior

How is it possible that this was built in 1907? How?

I can’t imagine how charming Frank must have been?  Talking billionaires into structures like this decades before anything even remotely close to it was even considered “normal”.  Insanely ahead of his time and an attention to detail that is beyond reproach.  His bricklayers were instructed to painstakingly recess the horizontal mortar lines and make the vertical lines flush so that the overall look was consistent.  Insane.

Buffalo - Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House Brick

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside but I found some online…

Darwin Martin House Reception Area

This is the reception area and the ceiling and fireplace are painted with gold paint. Beautiful.

Darwin Martin House Pergola

The pergola that attaches the main house with the out buildings. Completely open with no glass in the windows.

Darwin Martin House Conservatory

The conservatory. Warm, humid and full of light.

Darwin Martin House HVAC

Believe it or not, this is the HVAC. Warm air came in through these brick squares in every room and was relegated by opening and closing the stained glass windows.

Darwin Martin House Dining Room

The dining room. Notice the table and high backed chairs. Frank wanted it to feel like a room within a room once everyone was seated. But notice the holes in each corner of the table? The planters that were there originally were removed by Mrs. Martin because she hated them. Shame.

Overwhelmingly awesome.  An inspiring man who was a true genius.  I feel lucky to have seen his work.

We jumped into the car to head back to Toronto and realized that this whole adventure had taken us a mere 24 hours.  That’s a whole lotta living in one day.  Thankfully Short needs just as much stimulation as I do or we’d drive each other nuts.  We will definitely be shuffling back to Buffalo sometime soon.

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  1. Arleen Hurdon // December 7, 2015 at 10:20 pm // Reply

    I loved both of your visits to Chicago and now Buffalo. You find a way of making seemingly mundane cities sound exotic and appealing. I feel you could organize Tours of the Ordinary and have some happy participants.

    • Thanks, Arleen! You may be on to something here … who knows what future holds? We really do find the gems within each city and love to explore and find new things to see and do. Perhaps some of you might like to come along on one of our adventures some day?!

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