Canadian Beatbox Championship 2016

Scott Jackson Rocked The Mic as Emcee!

Hey Y’all!  This past week was a fucker, wasn’t it?  I’ve decided that I’m not going to dwell because it seemed like everyone was.  I’ve been trying to buoy myself instead of sinking into the shit mire of humanity.  We’ve always got hope, right?

This weekend all I wanted to do cocoon and hug my dog and watch happy movies.  I had already scheduled a sleep over with my 7 year old niece on Saturday night so I knew I was in for fun.  Lucy is a super positive happy-g0-lucky kid.  She wakes up excited.  Just starting the day is enough to get her going and that is some positivity that wears off on you fo sho.  Friday night seemed liked night to stay in a lick some proverbial wounds but, as is the way sometimes, I didn’t want to let Short down.  That’s why it’s good that we’re in this together.  I’m sure there are times that she doesn’t want to come out either but we owe it to each other so we show up.

We had tickets for the Canadian BeatBox Championship 2016 which took place at Lee’s Palace.  Thankfully, I arrived about 8pm and most of the fans hadn’t arrived yet which meant that I got “seats”.  It was actually a super hard bench that wasn’t quite deep enough to contain my butt.  My brother pointed out a while back that although we’re both tall, he has more leg room on airplanes because his butt is smaller.  I started to protest and then realized that he is right.  Fuck.  I thought Short’s tiny butt would have made seating more comfortable for her … but no.  Whew.  So, it wasn’t my big fat ass that was hindering my comfortability.  It was the seat itself.  At least we were close to the stage and had a pretty good sightline.

As I was waiting for Short to arrive, I noticed that a guy I know through work walking up on to the stage and start emceeing.  I should have assumed as much because this guy is a well known Canadian beatboxer.  Scott Jackson is a past champion.  Hell, he was a finalist on Canada’s Got Talent.  Let’s put it this way … In the beatbox world, he’s the shit.  And, I have a little bit of a thing for him.  Not only because he’s really talented and impressive.  And not just because he’s a very good looking man.

It’s all of that plus the fact that he’s a really really really nice guy.  He does work with kids and truly cares about life and people and being a positive force in the world.  He was THE perfect thing to happen into my orbit.  He got the crowd going and kept them that way for the whole event.  Well, the part we stayed for anyway!

Although I’ve studied voice, I truly have no idea how these guys do what they do.  I’m intrigued though.  The 16 beatboxer finalists all showcased for :90 in front of the audience and the 5 judges:  Gary Goudini, Villian, Kaila Mullday, Funkaztek and Pepouni,  All champs and celebs in their own right.  The crowd itself was urged on by Scott so they were energetic and totally into the scene.  I’ll give you a general on the competitors.  There were a couple of really young newbies ( still in their teens, god bless their hearts), a lot of good and a handful of exceptionals.  I’m not sure it matters what the guys (yes, they were all guys) look like so I won’t post photos here but I did put all of their showcases up on youtube so I’ve got links below if you are so inclined.

I really enjoyed Hybrid who was from Barrie, ON because I thought he sounded like he gave the most dynamic and complicated performance.  But, what the hell do I know?  I don’t even know how they are doing what they are doing so maybe it wasn’t technically difficult?  Spectra was in from Montreal and not only was he a really good beatboxer but he put on a show and really engaged the crowd.  BBK from Windsor was the reigning 2 year champ and he killed.  I thought Black from Toronto was good as was Veko from Montreal who threw in some trumpet sounds that added another dimension.

Scott then had the audience quiet down and, since it was November 11th, he spoke from the heart about the Canadian troops (his brother is in the service) and how much they had done for our country.  They made it possible for us to do what we do.  He led us in the national anthem and I cried because true patriotism makes me cry.  Plus, it felt great to be Canadian this week.  For reals.

Scott then let us know that there was another round and my oversized butt started complaining.  The contestants were now going to do battle rounds which I figured would take about another hour.  We stayed for 2 rounds; the second of which pitted a newbie (Homeboy) against Heat.  Yikes.  The cool thing was as experienced as Heat was, he gave Homeboy props and that was pretty awesome.  The third round started and my butt said, “Are you kidding me right now?  Can you even feel your legs?”  I couldn’t.  We left to go have a tea and slice of cake.  I was never more grateful for a plain old regular chair.

I love these guys and all they do.  The enthusiasm of the crowd and the beatboxers was palpable.  Especially Scott.  Love him and love all that he does.  He the perfect way to end the week.  Thanks, Scott Jackson.  You’re a true Canadian.

PS.  Heat is the Canadian Beatbox Champion for 2016!!!!






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