Cirque Eloize Cirkopolis

First of all, let me say … I missed you guys!  A whole bunch of stuff happened after Christmas that hindered us from going out on the town.  I had an appendectomy.  I know!  Crazy.  In a nutshell – 9:00 pm on January 29: Ouch, tummy hurting, I think I’m having a heart attack (women’s symptoms are different than men’s!), call my co-worker, he insists on driving me to the hospital, god bless him, wait 5 hours to get in emergency, doctor suspects it might be my appendix, I insist co-worker leave, god bless him, tests, yep it’s positive, my friend Caroly comes to wait with me, get assigned a room (with a 20 year old gangster that was in because he got shot), go to surgery at 7PM on January 30, wake up singing U2 Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (not sure what that says), back to my room, try to sleep, get woken up by gangster talking on his phone, tell him to shut up, he did, morphine gives you braveness, surgeon in at 10am to check on me, says I can leave after lunch, guy down the hall yelling “Kill me!”  “Help me!” all morning, sister comes to pick me up, I’m home for New Year’s Eve.  So … that happened.

3 weeks later I went to Florida with my niece to visit my parents and go to DisneyWorld for 3 days.  Just me and the niece.  I think I may have had more fun than she did.  That place truly is magical.  And I’m jaded.  Everyone is happy and smiling and cooperative.  It’s weird.  In a good way.  I highly recommend.  Then Short went on vacation to Mexico with her parents.  She can blab about that if she likes.  All of that meant that we just didn’t have a tonne of time to get together to go to events and have fun.  But we do now!

I know I left you with a teaser last year to let you know that we were making some changes.  And we are.  We’re still going out and having fun and reporting back to you buuuuut we’re also going to start writing opinion pieces.  So, get ready for that.  We’re going to talk about things that concern us and hopefully you too.  Age appropriate – both good and bad.  If you have anything that is bothering you or your life is crap and you’d like our opinion just let us know.  No subject is taboo.  For real.  Expect one of those every month and let us know what you think.

This week though, we went to Cirque Eloize Cirkopolis to get our juices flowing again.

I won’t go into great detail about the show itself because most of you have probably gone to a Cirque show at some point along the way.  They are Canadian after all.  So, you know what happens.  A whole lotta awesome.  And a whole lotta “Oh.  My.  God.  I.  Am.  So.  Out.  Of.  Shape.”  These beautiful people do things that shouldn’t be possible.  Bendy, jumpy, balancey, crazy things.

About 10 minutes in I noticed that one of the guys was .. well … not so “in shape”.  I have never seen that before.  He was huffing and puffing his way through scenes but he was givin’ er’.  He then became the focus of my attention.  Maybe because I can relate to him.  He was taller than the rest of them and bigger than the rest of them.  I kind of developed a bit of a crush.  And I’ve searched and searched but I can’t find his name.  He isn’t on the cast list.  I checked.  The only photo I could find was this one where they are rehearsing the show …

He’s the guy in the red shorts at the right.

He kind of reminds me of an ex-boyfriend of mine.  A farmer.  Maybe that’s why he looked out of place to me?

I think I’ve got to start meditating again because I kept realizing that I was thinking about something else during the show and I had to keep bringing my attention back to the stage.  It wasn’t because it was boring either.  The exact opposite.  If I wasn’t thinking about my new Cirque boyfriend, I was thinking about the dumb fucks that were in the audience.  Why do people laugh at inappropriate times?  Is it because they’re dumb or uncomfortable? Whatever the reason … I hate them.  At one point, there was a charming number that had once of the male performers dancing and conversing with a dress on a hanger.

He seemed a little socially awkward and initiating a relationship with an inanimate object was probably easier than trying to speak to an actual person.  I get it.  Anyway, this idiot in the audience kept laughing.  Short and I kept turning around to look at her to try to give her the hint but you and I both know that the person you’re staring at is too dumb to get the hint.  So, she just kept laughing.  It was awful.

And while we’re on it, why do audiences clap at every single little thing that happens?  At least wait until the scene is over.  Sigh.  And standing ovations are being given out far too readily.  It’s like tipping.  Only 20% if they really deserve it!

The best thing in the show was Nora Zoller on the cyr wheel.  Holy strength combined with beauty!  Simply spectacular.

Besides that, there was juggling (they missed a few too many pins for my liking) and hand balancing and trapeze and rope and the grand finale teeterboard.  It was a really great show.  You should go.  If you can stand the audience.  But don’t think about stealing my big ol’ Cirque man.  We’re now living in a lovely home with our two dogs and we have breakfast in bed on Sundays and watch Coronation Street.  Sigh.  It could happen.

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