Eat To The Beat 2016

Look, I’ve gained a little weight since I lost a crap load for the gig I did back in the summer.  A little. I’ve made a bunch of excuses but I seriously have to get a handle on it because I’m just on the good side of it.  5 more pounds and clothes will start to get a little tighter and a little uncomfortable.  Just a little.  But enough so that you are aware that you probably shouldn’t be wearing them and you’d feel better in sweats.  You know what I mean?  So, it’s time to smarten up.  Get it together.  No more crazy eating.  Buckle down.  Healthy it up.  And then Eat To The Beat 2016 happened.  Crap!

We attended this event last year and were floored by the array of foodie dishes that were on display.  As a matter of fact, because we were unfamiliar with the whole scene, we got halfway through it and thought we were done.  Only to find out that there were 30 more booths on the other side of Roy Thompson Hall.  The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation puts on this “Cook For The Cure” event and, even though the sticker price is a little high ($160 for early bird tickets), it is totally worth it.  Not only does the money go to a good cause (and it really does!), but there are 60 female chefs that have prepared scrumptious appetizers alongside 20 alcohol and beverage vendors as well.  Spirits are high and the patrons all have a great time sampling tasty bites throughout the evening.

Last year, we also practically ran from table to table which is a mentality that comes from attending many many foodie events.  We tend to forget to be calm.  Usually because there isn’t a one ticket price so you feel like you’ve got to get in there before everyone else does or you’ll wind up in a huge line at the most popular booths.  Eat To The Beat 2016 is very much like BaconFest.  You pay a pretty substantial fee off the top and then you get to slowly stroll and sample all of the food that looks good.  No line ups or food tickets or fumbling with cash.  It’s awesome.

We tried to start off going with savoury items and then switching over to sweet.  Always a good idea so that your brain and tummies don’t explode.  Here’s a tiny bit of what we gobbled up …


Living Kitchen‘s Golden Turmeric Pilaf. Honestly, it was kinda bland which is a drag because I really want healthy food to taste tasty and it usually doesn’t.



Elle Cuisine‘s Carrot Ginger Soup w/ Coconut and Lime Cream and a Sticky Rice Ball!



Elle Cuisine‘s Smoked Curried Root Veg Soup w/ Harissa Crema and a Braised Beef Croquette!



Temple Kitchen‘s Roast Breast of Duck on Crispy Polenta with a green Peppercorn and Wild Blueberry Chutney. I don’t like duck but Short loved this one.



Emma’s Eatery‘s Grilled Cheese and Lobster Sandwich. And yes, it was as good as it looks.



Joan Monfaredi of Park Hyatt‘s Tuna Tartar Wonton Tacos with Pea Shoots, Chili Rice Vinegar and Scallions. Really refreshing and subtle.

Here’s what it looked and sounded like!



Yorkshire Pudding Catering‘s Hand Cut Potato Chip w/ Parsnip Mousse, Smoked Trout, Preserved Lemon and Horseradish. It was the most perfectly balanced bite of the evening.



How cute it this!? Ace Bakery‘s Chili in a mini Bread Bowl!



The Sultan’s Tent – Moroccan Maftoul with their famous chipotle sauce. I get why it’s famous. It was the featured flavour of the dish. And it rocked.



Colette Grand Cafe‘s Fried Chicken and Pink Waffles w/ maple sauce butter. OMG. That is all.

Oh!  They also had a silent auction.  And I bid on something!


Gorgeous wooden utensils from Elzner Originals!

No sooner had I left the table, but a couple swooped in and did this …



Needless to say, I didn’t big again.  I should have just bid $100 and then the vultures probably would have left me alone.  I made it too appealing.  Crap.



Wanda’s Pie In The Sky‘s Grand Marnier Nanaimo Bars. These really were lovely. I do loves me some orange and chocolate!



Vanessa Le Page‘s Shortbread. I had the Rose and Cardamom and I had to go back for another. Beautifully light and sweet. So many flavours including savoury! Love her avocado boobs!



Madeleine‘s Orange Madeleines were simply divine. I wish I had snapped a photo but this was the smartest idea ever. They handed out a packet of French tea along with a sampler of their madeleines. They were so perfect, I wrote them a note by email. A little crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Exquisite.

We ate a lot more than I have photos of which is really ridiculous but what else could we do?!  60 female chefs all giving us their best.  We had to try as many as we could.  We just did.  I’m going to buckle down now and lose that 5 pounds before all of the Christmas parties start happening.  And the cookie exchange.  And Christmas dinner.  Oh boy.  Maybe I should think about losing 10 before then.  We’ll see what happens.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Yup. Me too. But don’t forget we have Poke passports. And the TO’s Finest $5 food crawl. Oh dear.

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