Glamour and Glow Buffalo Fashion Show

None of that makes any sense does it?  Sometimes I’m in the middle of a crazy day at work and Short sends me an email with the subject line: Should We Do This? and I just say yes.  I sort of scan it but most of the time, I just say yes.  This was one of those times.  So a few weeks back Short sent another email asking if maybe we should just make a weekend of it.  Of course!  Although I did have to work on Saturday which means that we really only had about 24 hours.  We were going to leave on Saturday at 4:30 and head straight for the border.

There was talking and gossiping and laughing all the way there and as we approached the border crossing ,we scrambled to find our passports.  Short was driving so she was in charge of the talking part.  I get extremely nervous when I have to talk to authority figures.  I’ve never done anything wrong but I feel guilty.  And I sweat a little.  I was glad she was doing the talking except that I heard her lie which completely freaked me out.  As we pulled away I said, “Why did you say were were going to a concert?”  “We are.”, she said.  WHAT?!  I thought we were going to a fashion show.  Turns out it was much much more.  That’s what I get for always saying yes.  Much much more.

First stop was The Anchor Bar.  If you go to Buffalo, you have to go to The Anchor Bar because it’s the originator of Buffalo Wings!  Obviously they just call them wings.  Just like Indian food is just called food in India.  The story goes that back in 1964, one of the owners made a late night snack for her son and his friends by deep frying chicken wings and covering them in a secret sauce.  The Buffalo Wing was born!  We ordered a plate of wings, a plate of deep fried tacos (Yes.  They’re real.  And they’re magnificent) a bowls of potato salad and coleslaw.

Buffalo - Anchor Bar Chicken Wings

Don’t they look sooooo good? And I didn’t take a picture of the tacos because they look boring but they taste freakin fantastic. Trust me. Order them.

Buffalo - Anchor Bar Salads

I know. They look like boobs. Their coleslaw kicked ass. The potato was okay.

I don’t really ever eat wings so I can’t really tell you if they were the world’s best or not but they were really good.  We ordered hot and they weren’t really hot so maybe we should have gone for the Suicidal?  I had a few glasses of white wine in preparation for the “concert” so when we passed the gift shop on the way out, I convinced Short to buy a CHICKEN WING HAT!  They have those!  And it was only $25!  I forced the lovely woman at the cash put one on so we could get a picture…

Buffalo - Anchor Bar Gift Shop

Don’t you wish you had one? I do!

It’s way cooler than the Green Bay Packers Cheesehead hats, doncha think?  More classy.


I was now primed for Glamour and Glow Buffalo 2015!  We hopped in the car and Short told me that it was an EDM show.  OMG.  EDM.  Initials mean something.  It usually means that the crowd is young.  Well, younger than us.  EDM means Electronic Dance Music just in case you didn’t know that.  And it sounds like this… CLICK HERE TO HEAR IT!

The Glamour and Glow show wasn’t really in Buffalo at all.  It was at a bar named The Cove in Depew.  Because when you think of glamour, you think of Depew.  We pulled into the parking lot, I was starting to get a clear picture.  Most of the people ambling into The Cove were reminiscent of my ex-boyfriend’s cohorts.  He is a farmer in Southern Ontario.  ‘Nuff said.  The ticket takers oohed and aahed a little because Short had purchased VIP tickets.  Which meant that we not only got gifts and a glass of champagne but we also got to sit in seats right up by the stage.  And there were only about 20 seats.  Short is the greatest!  I hate standing.  Always have.  Might be because I’m tall so I relinquish myself to the back of the room so that the height challenged can see the show.  And it kinda sucks.  Almost everyone is the same height when we sit so I have no tall guilt at all.  Our gifts included glow in the dark hair extensions and bracelets and necklaces.  Aaaaawesome!!  The music was super loud and I started feeling like I was part of something.  Kinda like back in the spring when we got to go to that indoor water fight.  There was energy and buzziness and fun in the air.  And we weren’t the oldest people there either!  Although most of the older folks were sitting down.  With age comes wisdom.

Buffalo - Glamour and Glow 1

Getting ready for the big shew! Notice the glowing face paint and hair extensions? Faboo!

The show started up and they brought a drummer on to the stage to accentuate that bass beat.  Coolio.  Models started to parade up and down the catwalk and most were pretty much nude.  Not really a fashion show as much as a flesh show.  Don’t get me wrong … it was quite a spectacle.

Buffalo - Glamour and Glow 6

Buffalo - Glamour and Glow 5

Buffalo - Glamour and Glow 8

Buffalo - Glamour and Glow 2

Buffalo - Glamour and Glow 3

It was really cool.  Most of the models were fantastic and a few were a bit sketchers but overall it was a blast to the senses.  Some super lame break dancers came on towards then end which kind of brought the whole vibe down a notch and it was about then that Short and I decided to hightail it.  After the “fashion show”, everyone was going to stay and dance the night away.  But not us.

Buffalo - Glamour and Glow 9

Our hair extensions hanging out in the hotel bathroom. Still glowing away.

We made it back to our hotel in record time and got a contact high walking through the hallway on the way to our room.  I slept like a baby and felt great the next morning.  Maybe I should smoke pot before bed more often?  We still had the rest of the day ahead of us and the next blog will cover those adventures.  Believe it or not, there were quite a few!

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