Murder at the ROM

We hadn’t done a murder mystery scavenger hunt up until now so when we saw this one being put on by Urban Capers that was at the museum, we had to sign up!  Murder at the ROM is just one of the murder mysteries put on by Urban Capers.  They’ve got their capers happening all over Toronto at places like: Kensington Market, The Distillery District, Chinatown and Church Street.  Very cool idea and exactly the kind of event that super competitive people like Short and I would love!

We met up and discovered that we were both a little less than our usual brilliant selves. Short took an early pilates class and hadn’t had caffeine yet.  For her, this is a travesty and a detriment to her brain power.  Big time.  I had a different problem.  I’m on a “diet” which I know is a taboo word these days.  This diet is more sort of a I-have-to-lose-20-pounds-in-a-month sort of a thing.  I’ve been postponing a looming deadline that I’ve got coming up and now I’m manning up.  I was a member of a disco cover band a few years ago and we are doing one come back show for a friend that isn’t doing well health wise.  One final show.  Which not only means that I’ve got to practice singing at least a set every day but that I’ve also got to fit into my disco boots.

Master John's that I had made by the OG boot maker from back in the glory days on Yonge Street.  Can't get much cooler than silver leather.

My Master John’s that I had made by the OG boot maker from back in the glory days on Yonge Street. Can’t get much cooler than silver leather.

They zip up the inside and I’ve got about 2 inches to go on the silver ones.  One inch on the black ones.  I’m convinced I can do it and to get there, I’m doing an Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse.  I was turned on to it by my chiropractor who told me that she lost 15 pounds in 30 days when she did it but then put a big disclaimer on the end by saying that it actually hadn’t been scientifically proven and that it was also a pyramid scheme.  So don’t care.  It’s one of those 2 protein shakes a day with a 500 calorie balanced meal for dinner cleanses.  And, guess what?  It’s working.  I’m 4 days in and I’m down 8 pounds. I know the weight loss will slow down after the first couple of days but I’m committed and I’ll let you know how it goes from week to week.  The Booty Smacker show is Saturday, June 25th and you are all invited.  To see whether I fit back into my boots or not.  And dance your faces off.  It’ll be a super fun time.  I promise.  Wait, Sugar Cookie promises.  That’s my stage name.  Wow!  I’ve got a stage name and a pen name!  I’m cool!  Or I just really don’t want you to know who I am.  Probably more the latter.

Booty Smacker

Yep. That’s me. Right in the middle. With my black Master Johns on. I’m gonna do it!

Back to the ROM … Needless to say, I am a little bit of a cotton headed ninny these days.  I’m dull and slow and have no stamina at all.  Not to mention that I’ve got to pee about 5 times more than normal.  All for the greater good.  Poor Short was saddled with me for the Murder at the ROM scavenger hunt.

Simon was our guide and he was phenomenal.  Funny, jovial and really entertaining.  He told everyone about the murder, the rules of the game and how scoring was done.  We weren’t to use our phones to google anything.  Yikes.  Just follow directions and try to figure out clues along the way to help solve the murder of the museum curator.  We had 2 hours to figure out a long list of clues that were scattered about the museum.  Watches coordinated … and … we were off!  The first clues were staggered so that all teams (I think there were about 6 in all?) started in different areas of the ROM.  Our first one was up on the third floor – Egypt!

Short as a Mummy

This is where we found our first clue … a tomb!

We continued on through the museum, with Short leading the way and me huffing and puffing along behind her.  It’s my job to post on Instagram and Twitter as we move through our adventures which means that I’m useless because I’m taking pictures and typing away at the same time we’re moving.  It also takes me right out of the fun sometimes but I try to engage as much as I can.  Probably didn’t help that I was diet dumb either.  Here are some of my posts that day …

ROM Totem Pole

Totem Pole at the ROM

Etruscan Figurines which I hash tagged - #SomeoneIsGladToSeeMe and I thought would win us the photo points but ... no.

Etruscan Figurines which I hash tagged – #SomeoneIsGladToSeeMe and I thought would win us the photo points but … no.  Get it?

This was actually one of the answers.  On the ceiling!

This was actually one of the answers. On the ceiling!

We got all of the answers and raced back with minutes to spare, figured out who did it, with what and where but didn’t have time to come up with the motive.  Rats.  We placed third but considering that there were only 2 of us and the teams that beat us had at least 4 members, I think we killed it!

I would absolutely do another Urban Caper somewhere else in the city.  Maybe bring a couple of friends along this time?  Let me know if you’re interested.  And wish me well on my boot fitting cleanse.  I will keep you all posted.


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    I’d come.

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