The Everything To Do With Sex Show

How could we pass this one up?  The Everything To Do With Sex Show apparently happens annually and has been around for over 15 years and I’ve just never really thought about going.  Not sure why?  Maybe because it seems like something you should attend with your significant other and I haven’t had one for quite a while.  Now Short is my stand in significant other.  People often think we’re a gay couple and I’m okay with that.  Some day my prince will come.

I was expecting … I’m not sure what I was expecting.  More?  We went on opening night and I’m wondering if we shouldn’t have waited until the weekend.  Not that it wasn’t organized and happening.  It was.  There weren’t a tonne of people there and the people that were there didn’t seem like they were having a lot of fun.  Anyone with a booth or doing a performance seemed to be having a good time though?  It was odd.  It was set up much the same as The One Of A Kind Show in that there were vendor booths, a place to eat and drink, a side stage and a main stage.  Except there were fewer vendors.  And there were vendors that didn’t seem to fit in at all so I’m not sure what the thinking was there but I guess people need bamboo sheets and lemonade along with their vibrators?  Let’s do a bit of a tour …


Yep. Erotic cake and cookies from Cake Star which I always find sort of low rent. I don’t want these for my bridal shower, Short.

Then we turned the corner and things started to get good.  There was a reporter from The Naked News modelling a reusable adhesive bra from Abracadabra.


There were booths with all of the sex toys that you know and love.  Anything from dildos, vibrators and butt plugs to sex swings and bondage gear.


I’m going to say something now that I didn’t anticipate ever saying. I thought this dildo from Dreamtoys Glassworks was beautiful.


Yep. Poprocks for blow jobs.

We ran into this guy…


And this dick …


This is the co-owner of ComeNPlay which is a discreet mostly mail-order service for sex toys. I really liked him. If you are in the market for a new sexy thing, click on this photo.

We caught a little bit of burlesque (which I always enjoy because it isn’t overt … it’s teasy).


Short tried out a virtual reality visor from We R-VR and really liked it.  You’d think it would be virtual reality sex.  But it wasn’t.  It was swimming with sharks.  Which Short likes just as much as sex.  I think.


Then we stopped at this booth for Oasis Aqualounge and had a very informative conversation about the goings on there.   It’s an upscale sex club with 3 floors, private rooms, a pool, a sauna and a dungeon.  Intriguing but I know I’ll never ever go there.  Clothing optional.  Yikes.  Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, we probably should go and do a blog.  Let me know if you want to read about that in the future.  I’d take one for the team.  And drag my significant other along.


The show on the MainStage was Cirque Erotic and we caught a pole dancer and then Miss Becks who did a silks acrobat act.

And then … there was the booth.  They sponsored The Everything To Do With Sex Show so they had a very large booth set up with a bunch of scantily clad attractive ladies standing around.


Check out this awesome caboose.  Yep.  I said that.

If you are squeamish about sexy stuff, don’t scroll down to the next bit.  It took me a little while but I finally realized that the girls were doing web cam LIVE.  And we were all in the background milling about.  Taking photos and watching them.  It was super weird.  I sort of get how guys get used to naked chicks when they are at a strip club for long enough.  It starts to become part of the scenery.  And it kinda makes me a little bit sad.  I don’t want sex to be part of the scenery.  I want it to remain shrouded in mystery.  That’s what makes it titillating, isn’t it?  Talk about it all you want.  As a matter of fact, I love talking about sex.  That’s the part I’d like out in the open so that nothing sounds scary or creepy or taboo.  Unless it hurts an unconsenting someone or something, of course.  People should do what they want to do in their bedrooms.  Or whatever room gets them off.  And they shouldn’t have to feel weird about it.  The webcam girls are awesome.  It’s a clean way for someone to get off and there’s an exchange of money. That’s perfect.  I just don’t want to watch it live.  I guess that’s not my thing?  So, here’s the kind of thing that was happening as people were milling about like zombies …


One of the dudes wanted an autograph. Or a phone number? No. Maybe just her name, so that he could look her up on the site when he got home? She obliged.

Yes, she was standing around stark naked except for a toque and Converse.  I kinda loved her the most.  She didn’t give one fuck about anyone else except the customer on the other side of the internet.  I can’t imagine being that free with my naked self.  Total kudos to her.  She rocked it hard.  Pun intended.


All in all, it was a good evening.  We had our photo taken with some hunky firefighters and I bought a calendar for charity.  Was it mind blowing, crazy and did it make me feel uncomfortable? Nope.  But did I get a new appreciation for web cam girls?  I sure did.  What a way to make a living.  I’m sure it warps your brain and you start to become numb to the whole sex thang but, if they’re good with it, I am.


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