The Legends of Horror At Casa Loma

Happy Hallowe’en!!!  I think I explained last year that Hallowe’en used to be my favourite holiday.  Back in the day, I was the “weirdo” because of the way I looked.  Super tall, goth sort of black clothing and white make up with a lot of eyeliner kinda gal.  So, on Hallowe’en, everything became normalized.  I could dress like dead Lady Di with a steering wheel sticking out of her chest (yes, I did that and yes, it was too soon) or Gene Simmons or anything and fit in with everyone else that day.  An ex and I used to host awesome Hallowe’en parties with dry ice, door prizes and food and drinks and even a Hallowe’en tree which we decorated every year.  It was super fun.  And then said ex stepped outside the relationship and we had to sell our house and he took (stole?) all of our Hallowe’en decorations.  Including the cast iron Hallowe’en tree.  He broke my heart and he broke Hallowe’en.  I’ve slowly been trying to take Hallowe’en back.  Slowly.  So this year’s attempt was The Legends of Horror at Casa Loma.

I LOVE getting spooked.  Things that jump out and say “Boo!” are the best.  When you go to a haunted house, you know that it’s going to happen and it’s that delicious anticipation that I vibe on so much.  I have been to Screemers in the past, with said ex, and screamed the whole way through it.  I am a screamer.  Big time.  I love it.  It lets the scared out.

Short and I hooked up with our friend Corinne and headed to Casa Loma.  Corinne is a cool chick who is always game for anything.  Love her.  She’s also a screamer.  Love her even more.  I assumed that Short wouldn’t be affected by haunting at all because she has no fear bone.  She can jump out of a plane or go on a  rollercoaster or fly a plane and gets no adrenaline rush.  It’s freaky.  I decided that I would push her out in front of us so she could deal with all of the goblins and they would leave me alone.  I was wrong.  While we waited in line (and there was a long one which was weird considering the entries were pre-sold timed tickets), she confessed that she is scared of ghouls and was actually quite terrified.  Great.


The line was a full block long but a guide came and plucked us out of line so that we jumped right to the front. Thanks!

Once we were inside the gates, I started to freak out.  We were told that no one could grab you and also to leave a little room behind and in front of us to make the experience all the better.  I figured out why fairly quickly.  If the girls in front of us screamed, I knew something bad was going to happen once we reached that trigger point.  But the ghouls outsmarted us.  They wouldn’t jump out every time someone walked by.  Genius.


These beauties were seated vampire chicks in retro costumes. Lovely. And not scary.

We toured through the Casa Loma grounds which was pretty cool.  There were different scenarios and it was dark and it was scary.  Lots of screaming and nervous laughter.  I had been worried that our tickets were for 6:30 and it wouldn’t be dark yet but it totally was.  They spared nothing.  This was a super step up from Screemers for sure.  Better actors, better costumes and better vibe.  It felt real!



We entered a house of mirrors and then popped out right in front of the castle which was lit up with an awesome moving visual.  Apologies for forgetting to turn my phone sideways to shoot video.  I’ll try to remember in the future.  I promise.

The is how NOT scared, Short was.


And I took the photo so I controlled my scared pretty well.

Then we saw a 12 foot tall ghoulie that was scaring the crap out of people.  You wouldn’t think that I would scream because I KNEW he was there and I KNEW he was scaring people.  But take a listen …

After that we went into the castle where they had a bar set up and tonnes of people were taking a break and having a drink.  We decided to skip it and keep on trucking.

Into the tunnel!  Apparently, they built a long tunnel that connects the castle to the stables.  I had no idea!  Well, we got to walk through it and it was creepy!  There were cockroaches and mice coming out of the floor!

This part wasn’t as scary as being outside on the grounds but anticipation was high so there was still screaming to be done.  We stumbled upon some haunting scenes like this one …


The Phantom of the Opera had kidnapped this opera singer and kept her in his lair. At least that’s what I thought! This actress was singing a haunting operatic song while we watched.

The scariest part I think was walking through the last bit of the tunnel which was completely blacked out and super squishy so you couldn’t really move your arms and it started getting really claustrophobic.  Then out we went and into a creepy stable that was set up as a jail and had little girl ghosts singing and laughing.  Yikes.


Chains rattling, children laughing and singing. I couldn’t get a great shot but this is honestly what we were seeing anyway.

The last stop on tour was Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.   He animated his monster using electricity, magic and willpower.

We walked out into the fresh air and couldn’t believe that in less than an hour, we had travelled such a distance away from the castle.  It was soooooo worth the $30 ticket (which we got discounted on Groupon anyway!).  I will absolutely go again next year.  It was high drama and high class.  And I got a little bit more of Hallowe’en back.  Thanks Casa Loma!

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