Toronto Bakers Market – Help!

Okay, if you’ve been following along, you know that I lost 25 pounds this past summer.  I’ve been doing pretty keeping the weight off so far.  I put on 4 – 5 pounds every weekend (I’m not kidding) and then take it off during the week.  It’s going well for me.  I realize that I’ve still got to add exercise to this regime.  And I will.  As soon as my foot achey problem is figured out.  Almost there.  In the meantime, it’s up to me to meter out my meals and fun.  I feel like I’ve been losing the battle since Thanksgiving.  I stopped weighing myself which, I’ve not realized, is not a good idea.  People had different opinions about that.  Some say, “Always weigh yourself every day.  It will keep you on track.”  Others say, “Don’t keep a scale in your house.  Just judge your weight by how you feel in your clothing.”  I’ve tried both and the former words best for me.  I need to know that I’m gaining immediately so that I can get it under control right away.  Then things come along like the Toronto Bakers Market.  Why?  Why?  Why?  Sure we could not go.  But what fun would that be?

Luckily Short warned me about the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon road closures.  I circumvented the whole thing by heading north and then west to The Great Hall.  Except my brain has this weird quirk that won’t allow me to remember street names so I went to far west  when I meant to go south on Ossington so blah blah blah, I was late.  Short was in line and it was after 11 which was when the doors were supposed to open.  Vendors were still loading in product.  Not a good sign.  We’ve been to so many of these things and are always surprised that people aren’t more organized. We cut them slack because of the marathon and 15 minutes later they opened the doors.  The venue was in the basement and wasn’t very well lit but it sure did smell good.  Next year, turn up the lights!  We started off doing our perimeter walk but didn’t last more than 3 booths before we were buying everything in site.  26 vendors and a bunch of sugary treats!!!  I’ll give you a photo tour …


This is The Ultimate Handmade Sticky Cinnamon Bun made with from scratch with love.  These big boys are about the size of a babies head.  Gigantic!  I didn’t buy one because I was intimidated.  That’s how big they are.


I did buy these though!  All Mine Caramel offered up three different types of caramel corn.  Classic,  Cayenne and Harvest Spice.  “Handcrafted in small batches for you and nobody else.”  It’s true!  This won’t last long in my cupboard.  Caramel corn is one of my many weaknesses.


We bought two donuts from Donut Monster and this Sangria flavour was one of them.  We also got a Strawberry Habanero.  I expected more from the strawberry but barely tasted any flavour except sweet.  Not really any of the heat at all.  The sangria was better but I still could have used more flavour and more icing.  The donut was really well baked though.


I got these Peppy Paws & Co. biscuits for my dog, Zelda and she’s already had two and really enjoyed them.  It’s hard to tell with a dog because, when it comes right down to it, they’ll eat poo.  Know what I mean?  But these are good for her and made with natural human grade ingredients so I filled a bag for $10.  Cool.


I bought a bunch of these chocolate covered peanut butter balls from Ndulge Chocolates because … well … I had to.  They had samples (smart) and they were awesome.  Plus, look at that super cool bat tray!


Yes, this happened.  Good marketing.  And I wish I had written down who baked these cookies because I’d like to know which one they sold the most.  Really could go either way, couldn’t it?  Just like the election.  Oh, and girls, Hillary has two “L’s”.  Oops.


Aren’t these beautiful?  This table sold macarons and these tiny little cakes.  I now wish I had one.  A green one.  And I wish I knew who baked them.  They seemed like really nice people too!


Monkey Butter!  I love them.  I’ve purchased a sampler pack from them at another food fair and wished I had the full jars back then so this time around I went full size.  And they had new flavours!  I got Maple Bacon because I loved the sample but then I spotted the Hot & Spicy which I know I will love.  Then I got Bow Wow Butter which is for dogs!  It’s all natural, no salt, no sugar, dry roasted peanuts, flaxseed and brewer’s yeast.  I know Zelda will love it.  And I’ll have a taste and let you know what I think.


I saved the best for last.  Craig’s Cookies smelled and looked the greatest of all of the booths.  I think Craig is super charming and good looking to boot.  He’s got great marketing and keeps everything looking homemade and quaint.  Craig uses only the best ingredients and bakes with a recipe taught by his mother when he was a youngster.  Plus he has free delivery for downtown Toronto! Love him.  He uses a standard chocolate chip cookie and then adds a little something extra.  Like different kinds of cookies (Oreo, Peak Frean’s, Pirate) or chocolate bars (Mars Bar, Crunchy, Bounty) and the result is stupendous.  I got a Strawberry Poptart!!


All in all, I feel like I didn’t go too crazy but got to taste and smell a whole bunch of really yummy stuff.  Only time will tell how long they’ll last in my cupboard.  I’ll let you know.  But tomorrow, I am back on the wagon.  Time to get back on the scale.  And try to eat mindfully.  I can do it!!!



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  1. mmmmm I love a good donut! Not the Tim’s variety, an interesting donut please. I might have done something to those political cookies…you might guess which. Thanks for the vicarious baked good thrill 🙂

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