Toronto Comicon

And a fish out of water

Last weekend Long and I decided to take in the Toronto Comicon Fan Expo.  I wanted to go because I had heard all about these things and how the die hard fans show up in costume and indulge in a fit of freaky nerdy passion.  It seemed like something we needed to see.

I made my way to the Toronto Convention Centre, camera in hand on a chilly Sunday.  The expo was in the event space at the very back of the enormous centre, and was accessed from the front entrance by a labyrinthine journey through corridors and escalators down to the bowels of the earth.  Once I arrived at the appropriate floor I was greeted by this counter, which I found enormously encouraging:

Check your broadswords and light sabres here please.

Also on this floor I ran in to this amazing pair of sisters.  Frankly once I had seen them, I thought I may as well go home.  Their costumes were perfect, they had their poses down and  and had badass superhero attitudes to boot.

The photo doesn’t illustrate it well, but that Iron Man suit was made entirely of corrugated cardboard and the chest piece lit up exactly like the one from the movies.

A I waited for Long it occurred to me I was a little out of my reporting depth.  Sci Fi is NOT my genre, and I not only do I not follow many of the popular TV film & TV shows that would be represented here, I don’t even have basic cable.  I have, in my life, seen Star Trek – the original series and movies as well as the reboots with Kirk and Spock and none of the other versions, Star Wars (including the unfortunate prequel trilogy), a bunch of the Marvel movies and that’s about it.  I have never seen a single episode of Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, Gotham, of any of the myriad other shows I don’t even know I am missing.  I went on the “Guest List” section of the Comicon website and realized how few people I could identify (though for some reason the cast of Degrassi Junior High were there, and also the wrestler Bret Hart who I honestly thought was dead).

There WERE some familiar faces.

I missed getting a shot of an excellent Darth Vader, who even had his theme music piped in that followed him throughout the exhibition floor.

There were some excellent costumes from characters I cannot identify

Ok, I know the guy on the left is called Wolverine, but I honestly don’t know how or why I know that.  Maybe Long told me.

I was really surprised, given the recent passing of Carrie Fisher, that I did not see a single Leia in any of her guises.

There were lots of treats to buy, including masks and clotting and a whole booth full of SciFi characters recast as Buddhas.

I love this Terminator mask, getting the stink-eye from a unicorn.

Even I was seduced.  Long and I both bought necklaces with the phases of the moon on the days we were born.  They were in similar states – her moon was waxing while mine was waning, which speaks volumes about the relative states of our lives if not about our personal hygiene.

I came very close to buying this ridiculous shark costume.  I am fascinated by sharks, it was absurdly comfortable and I thought I recalled a whole subsection of humanity that found furry features sexy, but I managed to talk myself out of it.

Long and I ended up leaving after a couple of hours.  It was tempting to drop money on crazy things I could not justify, it was getting really crowded, and I don’t think I really appreciated the scope of the show.  There were dozens of artists and performers who I am sure are at the height of their craft, but it is not an arena I relate to.  All in all though lots of fun, and great to see such enthusiasm unbridled.  Plus I got a nice necklace, and maybe that shark pic will get me some action.

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