Toronto Oktoberfest 2016

I’ve always loved Fall.  There is a crispness to the air that makes it feel as if the world is settling in and getting ready for the snow.  The weather, the leaves and the sweaters.  All good in my books.  Feeling snuggly is what it’s all about.  That and fall fairs and fudge.  Short and I haven’t been to a fall fair yet but next year I think it’s a must.  Maybe it’s because I come from a small northern Ontario city or because I had a boyfriend that was a farmer?  That was a few years back but I have fond memories of attending the Norfolk County Fair and watching the tractor pulls.  It’s the highlight of the year for most people in smaller towns in Ontario.  And back in the Soo, Corn Fest was one of the best times too.  I remember going with my family and well … eating corn.  It wasn’t so much what you were doing but the sense of community that came along with the corn eating.  Which brings me to Toronto Oktoberfest 2016.

I couldn’t wait!  Short had purchased the tickets months ago and I was really looking forward to it. It was a terrible week work-wise and I wound up having to leave late on Friday to pick up Short.  Oktoberfest was a short distance away but I decided that we should drive instead of walk because the weather was pretty awful and I thought there was going to be a huge line up.  Nope.  We had VIP entry though which included a hat, 2 drink tokens, a glass beer stein and a ticket for a pretzel.  Yay!


Pretty cool hat, right?!

The event was outside/inside but there really wasn’t anyone staying outside because the wind probably would have taken the beer stein right outta their hands.


We did get one awesome photo op before we went inside though!


Past the empty ferris wheel and barrel rolling competition space (which I’m sure got much busier over the weekend) and into the ginormous party tent where we started seeing people that had the spirit of Oktoberfest!




Silver lederhosen!!!! Coolest guy in the joint.

Because the party hadn’t really gotten started yet and it was dinner time, we dove right into the food.


I had the Spaetzle (german egg noodles) Sweet Pea Mac N Cheese and it was really tasty! Cheesy goodness alongside a crunch from the breadcrumbs. Delicious!


Long had the Chicken Schnitzel (lightly breaded and not too oily!) along with slaw, potato salad and a dill pickle.


Short went outside to grab this Pulled Pork sandwich topped with slaw on a pretzel bun from Uncle Smoke. Best dish of the night.

Then we went to battle the quickly forming long lines at the beer stations.  You’d think at an Oktoberfest event, they would have been more on top of pulling pints?  But they weren’t.  It didn’t take too long though.  Maybe 10 minutes?


Short got me an Erdinger and I got a Radler. VIDEO BELOW!  Listen to that music!

The music, by the way, was freaking deafening.  And not just because we’re getting older.  You literally couldn’t hear anyone speaking at all and yelling everything got a little tiresome.  I tried to drink both pints but, man oh man, beer is filling.  Especially after all of that spaetzle!


Short cashed in her pretzel ticket while waiting for me to try to down these babies.


We stuck around until the tapping of the keg which kicks off the start of the weekend.  The Deputy Grand Marshall was Brent Albrecht from radio station Indie 88 and he really didn’t seem to know what was going on.  It might be a good idea to study up a teensy bit if you are chosen to stand up on a stage and participate in an event.  Just sayin.


Toronto Oktoberfest 2016 Tapping Of The Keg with Brent Albrecht in the background.

Doesn’t that look like a tonne of fun?!  This is one of those moments where the truth is revealed if you take about 20 steps back and take a picture from the same angle.


There were about 20 people around the stage. Sort of anti-climactic.

The place did start to fill up around then and that was about the time that I realized that coming to this event on a Friday night wasn’t going to have the community based vibe that I was hoping for.  The opening night was more about 20 somethings drinking and dancing and acting like idiots.  Something I used to do a lot of but not so much anymore.  We did have some good food though and wound up giving our extra beer tickets to some 20 something girls waiting in line who were very grateful.  A little bit of goodwill exchanged.  I guess that’s all I could hope for.  Maybe next year, we’ll go during the day so we get to see more of the events and contests?  Or maybe a Fall Fair is something to think about.  I’ll start planning a pie recipe now that is good enough to win a blue ribbon next year!



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